In the new edition of the journal Internet World Business, chief editor Frank Kemper reports about the new concept of the INTERNET WORLD EXPO 2020

It’s Strictly Business

Upcoming changes for INTERNET WORLD EXPO 2020 in Munich

Germany’s leading e-commerce trade fair, INTERNET WORLD EXPO, will enter the trade fair year 2020 with a revised concept. New stages and new event formats will allow exhibitors and trade visitors even greater opportunities to interact more closely with one another.

The new stages in central hall locations will be a core element of the new INTERNET WORLD EXPO 2020 at the exhibition grounds in Munich-Riem.

(Source: Ebner Media Group)

Raising the profile – this point is at the top of the list of priorities which the new INTERNET WORLD EXPO director has committed himself to. Carsten Szameitat has been organising trade fairs for years, taking full charge, among other duties, of the EXPO special exhibit, POS Connect.

The goal is quite clear: INTERNET WORLD EXPO, which will take place on the 10th and 11th of March 2020 in Munich, is to be the hub for the digital commerce industry in Germany – and additionally, to represent all channels of commerce in a holistic fashion. Ultimately, on- and offline trade can no longer be treated separately – Omni-channel being a keyword here.

Szameitat has no plans of reinventing the EXPO, but still wishes to do many things differently. There will be – besides the Trend Arena – only two Info Arenas instead of the previous four. These will provide more space for visitors and be equipped with the finest presentation technology in order to make more information more accessible to visitors to the fair.

The thematic diversity of the programme of talks and lectures will not suffer, quite the opposite: Focused specialist talks and lectures for an equally focused audience will in future take place in so-called “Master Classes”, i.e. intensive seminars with a maximum of 50 participants.

The Munich Commerce Week

This change is one of many measures to improve the target group approach. In order to stay in contact with visitors all year round, a specialist blog will be launched in July in which partners can prepare visitors for upcoming EXPO topics. Szameitat wishes to bridge this gap even further. “Up until now, the focus at EXPO has always been on digital transactions. In the future, it will also be possible to address customers on topics such as print & packaging, logistics and trading on platforms such as Amazon.”

In order to bring exhibitors, partners and visitors closer together, the EXPO team is relying on a new content-marketing concept and new event formats. All visitors who book a content ticket will now have access to all talks and lectures held on the trade fair stages – also via video stream after the trade fair upon request.

In addition, the INTERNET WORLD EXPO will be accompanied by the Munich Commerce Week, a week with a wide variety of events on trade topics taking place at various locations in Munich. Whether employee trainings, customer events or product presentations – the EXPO team provides hosts with support with the implementation, visitor management and programme planning. The first partners have already signed up.

The venue remains the same: In 2020, INTERNET WORLD EXPO will once again be held in Halls C5 and C6 of the Munich Exhibition Centre – but this time without the many construction sites that made access difficult in spring 2019. Szameitat promises: “Next year, the situation here will be fully relaxed.”