Worldwide, over two million retailers sell their products via Amazon. How such sellers can maximize their turnover on the platform is one of the focus topics at the Amazon World Convention, which will take place on March 12 and 13 during the INTERNET WORLD EXPO in Munich.

Amazon World Convention at the INTERNET WORLD EXPO: Taking advantage of Amazon’s market dominance for your own business

Munich, February 28, 2019­_ Brand representatives and retailers like jewelry retailer SiAura Material, furniture designer Konstantin Slawinski and beauty product brand eos, will share their marketplace experience and expertise at the Amazon World Convention. In addition, several agencies including ameo, Finc3 Commerce and ROCKIT-INTERNET will provide valuable tips and insight into such topics as optimization of product pages, performance marketing and the future development of Amazon as a marketplace.

Amazon is more than an e-commerce platform: In Germany, is the second biggest search engine on the net (after Google) and the biggest product search engine. This means that consumers search on Amazon rather than on Google for a specific product. A seller on the platform must therefore always keep this in mind and act accordingly. Because just as websites can be optimized so that Google search results are displayed higher up, products can also be posted on Amazon in such a way that they too end up at the top. However, when it comes to the factors that determine advantageous positioning, Amazon isn’t very forthcoming.

Numerous agencies in Germany and from around the world have therefore taken on the task of identifying these factors through relentless testing and optimizing. At the Amazon World Convention, a number of these agencies will provide a glimpse into the knowledge they have acquired. Among others, Ronny Marx, Head of Agency at, will explain Amazon content optimization according to the Pareto principle and Ralf Zmölnig, General Manager of ROCKIT-INTERNET, will reveal how retailers can optimize their ranking and sales with organic and paid traffic outside of Amazon or Amazon marketing services.

Marketing on Amazon

In addition to the optimization of product entries, there is also a second way to land at the very top with Amazon searches: with ads. Here, the company has come up with several ongoing innovations in recent years to provide retailers with new and better possibilities to secure good positions for money. The corporation bundles this in the advertising console (formerly Amazon marketing services console). Other talks and workshops will provide a more in depth look at performance marketing (Max Hofmann, Co-Founder, Bid X), analytics (Sven Koch, General Manager & Consultant, Finc3 Commerce GmbH), advertising (Franz Jordan, General Manager, Sellics GmbH) and more.

Forward-looking strategies: Amazon Echo

Amazon continually introduces new functions and services. In this vein, two new functions were recently launched to make shopping “faster, simpler and more entertaining”. Via “Amazon Scout”, users can personalize their product feed, “Amazon AR View” enables the virtual positioning of, for example, furniture within one’s own four walls. But no innovation has currently absorbed retailers as much as Amazon Echo. Through a smart loudspeaker, users can communicate at any time with Alexa, an artificial intelligence entity. She can answer questions about the weather, or specific knowledge – and the user can also shop via voice command. Where this trend is going and what this exactly means for sellers will also be explained at the Amazon World Convention (Karile Klug, Founder, Sam Silverlake), as well as how Amazon will continue its development as a platform (Sönke Hansen, General Manager, ameo GmbH).

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