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Xmas Marketing tips from the INTERNET WORLD EXPO pros

Munich, November 2018. Cyber Week is usually the first indicator for retail in the end-of-year spurt.  And to ensure that this final round also comes to a successful conclusion, several Internet World EXPO 2019 exhibitors have shared with us their last-minute marketing tips.

Around 15 percent of annual sales are generated by retailers in November and December – the classic period known as the Christmas trade. Although a number of sectors rely heavily on the weeks at the end of the year – for example, the last two months of the year account for 28 percent of the total turnover for toy retailers; for booksellers it’s 25 percent – the following applies for all retailers: Now is again the time to deliver top performance to ensure that the annual result is satisfactory.

But by what means and in which ways can this final sprint be better achieved? At the INTERNET WORLD EXPO in March 2019, software suppliers and service providers will be exhibiting the products and solutions that can ease retailers’ business dealings and are best suited to do this. However, even before the EXPO gets started, a number of exhibitors are passing on their expertise and have summarized the best tips for effective Christmas marketing.

For instance, Dr.-Ing. Ralph Hünermann, Founder and CEO of odoscope, a platform that personalizes situation-based content, has a fundamental observation:  “Decisive for Christmas campaigns in online retail is the readiness to overturn the typical shop logic and to place customer needs above everything else: Christmas shoppers want to be inspired and rummage especially through product lists in the search for unusual and high-quality gift items. Online retailers must therefore turn their usual article sorting upside down and boost long tail brand products that are high quality yet not too expensive – both in the product lists as well as in newsletter promotions.”

Being present at the right time

Many customers purchase their Christmas presents early on; others are surprised to discover on Christmas eve that the holiday is upon them. And the majority search between those times for the right gift for mom, grandma, grandchild, friends. Adapt your business to the different needs of your target groups. “Regardless of the sector, it’s the best time to give your customers a little present – and by this I don’t mean goods, but special content with ho, ho, ho effect: a value-added whitepaper that provides the target group with truly practical tips and is peppered with real bits of insight. Both customers and the in-house lead management specialists and sales funnel will thank you in the following months,” says René Kühn, CEO of Contilla, an agency for interactive content marketing.

Know the most important shopping days

“Those who decide to make use of last-minute marketing campaigns should focus on two factors: personalization and staying up-to-date. Work with cookies and show returning shop visitors products that they have already seen and for which they have shown an interest (e.g. “presents for him”). Ensure an up-to-date factor with real-time data about product availability and delivery times (particularly important for your users before Christmas),” adds Sonia Höfs, Senior Marketing Manager DACH at AB Tasty, an agency for A/B testing. Keep in mind: although the media-effective Cyber Week with Black Friday to Cyber Monday only recently took place, there are still important shopping days in December. Align your online marketing strategy with the shopping weekends. In your newsletter and on your website, advertise special offers for St. Nick’s Day, the Saturdays before Advent Sundays, on Christmas Eve and the week before that.


Choose the right key terms

Supplement the key terms used on your website with the appropriate special seasonal jargon. Phrases and headlines like, for example, “Celebrate Christmas in…”, “Everything for St. Nick’s Day in…”, “Christmas gifts for him in…”, and “Christmas gifts for her in…”, should definitely be featured on your website. And in this context, don’t forget the key terms in seasonal search engine marketing. “My tip for a short-term marketing campaign: search engine advertising. Via Google Ads etc., retailers can specifically address a defined target group and precisely track the impact of the campaign,” explains Kai Spiesterbach, Online Strategy Consultant at the online marketing agency eology.

Spread some joy

Christmas should be, despite commercialization, a holiday of joy. Communicate this joy to your customers. Bring a smile to your customers’ faces. Give the visitors to your website, your blog or your social media profile a good feeling. Spread the holiday spirit instead of shopping stress and commerce. “As Christmas approaches with an overabundance of offers, discounts and campaigns, it’s important to provide your mailing with a special ‘wow factor’. Whether a particular design, an unusual call-to-action button or a surprising headline. Personally, that would also entice me again,” advises Alexander Otto, Head of Communications at tradebyte. However, he also warns: “Apart from that, I’m sure everyone would like retailers to be mindful of the fact that, especially in the social media, people also want a bit of peace and quiet at this time.”


On this note, the Internet World EXPO 2019 exhibitors wish you a successful Christmas sales period.





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